Vietnam travelogue and photos

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Travelling in Vietnam was an amazing emotional experience for me. Actually, Just before I got there, I wandered “what could possibly thrill me after 6 months of traveling so far?”

And Vietnam didn’t disappoint me, because the charm of this cute country is something that nobody can resist. The green landscape, the endless rice fields, the beautiful beaches and the life near the sea, the sea food, and – above all – the wonderful people, who seem to love everybody.

We started in Ho-chi-minh city, and from there took a tour to the Mekong Delta region in the south. A great place to see the really authentic way of life in the villages and towns along the Mekong Delta. While traveling on a boat in one of the canals of the delta I took this picture of a woman carrying all kinds of fruits on her boat.

In one of the towns, we visited a very lively market, mainly due to the great variety of snakes and some other kinds of tasety long crawling animals.

Near one of the biggest temples of the Cao-dai religion, I saw these 3 ladies on a moped, driving around, dressed quite ellegantly as usual. After getting back to Ho-Chi-Minh, we started our journey to north, and visited Dalat, the cool semi-romantic hill-town.

Nha-Trang was the next place, a great city by the sea, which will be remembered for ever for its amazing fish market, and – Mama Han, the crazy-cool-young-old-woman that took us to an unforgettable boat trip. Hoian, the small compact village with its unique architecture of houses and plenty of silk shops was the first place we met “Frankie”, the tropical storm that escorted us for almost a week threw Hue to Hanoi. I took this picture while being in the Hue-Hanoi train, a very very long ride, due to the heavy storm.

Getting to the big city Hanoi was a great relief, but soon after, we kept our trend for the north, finding ourselves in Sapa, the beautiful hill-station of the north, and maybe the greatest place we have been to in the trip. We fell in love with the cute funny blue girls from the Hmong tribe, as they were doing their best to sell us their goodies. I took some really good photos while wandering threw the paths in and around Sapa, both in a good sunny day and a very rainy day after. This is a Hmong girl I met in Sapa. She, and many many Hmong people come to Sapa mainly on the weekends.


And I didn’t mention Halong bay, and Hanoi with its unique streets, buildings and markets, and many more – but – you’ll have to get there to see it…

“Vietnam Gang”

“Vietnam gang” was created “just like that” on the way from Thailand to Vietnam. It all started in northern Thailand, in Chiang-Mai’s “Nat” guest house, when I met Limor and Avi. We decided to go to Vietnam together, with Amit joining us. On the bus to Bangkok airport we met Yossi and Anat, and Ilan and Orit, also on their way to fly to Vietnam. And so, we travelled – all eight of us, for three and a half great weeks in Vietnam. In the picture above – Yossi, Ilan, Orit, Avi, Limor, Amit (me, Guy, taking the picture, and Anat was behind this time).

In this picture – Avi, me and Yossi, enjoying a “great” dinner of “La-vache-qui-rit” cheese, dry bread and other unforgettable goodies, in Cantho (located in the Mekong Delta region).

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