Berlin – A Jewish Journey – Presentation

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“Prior to my visit to Berlin, I heard about its vibrant past and vivid present. But nobody prepared me for its Jewish experience…”
Already circulating around the world, this unique presentation is a Jewish journey to familiar as well as “off the beaten track” sites in and around Berlin.

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Excerpts from the presentation

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  1. Rocky, USA
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    The train line connecting central Berlin to Gruenwald was built by Emil Rathenau around the turn of the 20th century. Emil, who was Jewish, was one of Germany’s major industrialists, employing 75,000 people at his company, AEG. His son Walter built a villa on the Koenigsallee in Gruenwald in 1912. It is still standing but unfortunately is not open to the public. Walter was gunned down near his home in 1922, an early victim of anti-Jewish activities in Germany.

  2. Alex Ringer, Nesher,
    | Reply

    Few days before Yom Hashoah 2012 in Israel – The Holocaust Remembrance Day – and the poster I have designed, based on two of your moving images, Guy, from your Berlin trip, have made an impact wherever they were presented. I have told you already that your visual point of view has passed to me the feeling as if I was standing there (through I have never been abroad), departing from my grandparents who were sent to their last journey, to Auschwitz.
    It’s my honor to share the poster with your site visitors and thanks again.

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