Bicycle riders enjoy Haifa’s mountain subway – the "Carmelit"

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Haifa is built on the Carmel ridge, which penetrates the Mediterranean Sea creating superb mountain-sea urban views. Haifa is also unique by having a subway system that connects its downtown areas near the port to the Carmel neighborhoods. Six stations at 0 to 280 meters above sea level enable Haifa’s residents and guests to move easily between the city levels.

Lately, the Carmelit was opened to bicycle riders. Bikers can now bike down the meandering beautiful streets of Haifa, and get a ride up on the Carmelit subway if they feel too tired (Of course there’s nothing like a good bicycle ride uphill :).

It was not easy to convince the authorities to open the Carmelit for bikers, and the achievement was accomplished due to hard work of city council member Zeev Siles and Haifa biking activists.

The event was celebrated by a festive “Critical Mass” ride that ended taking the Carmelit up the ridge from the bottom station at “Paris Square” to the top station at “Ha’em Garden”.

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