Manaslu Circuit Trek Photos – Full Gallery

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Comprehensive photo gallery from Manaslu Circuit / Around Manaslu Trek. Photos are ordered chronologically and start with the green lush areas of the lower Budhi Gandaki, followed by the villages of Lihi, Sho and Lho, with first magical glimpse of Mount Manaslu from Lho. The landscape then gradually becomes surrounded by snowy peaks, especially from village of Shyala through Samagaon and Samdo. Then a you’ll be able to watch a thorough coverage of the trail from Samdo through Larke Phedi to Larke La (Larke / Larkye Pass) at 5106 meters above sea level and the breathtaking surrounding views, followed by the descend to charming Bhimtang and the village of Tilche.

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  1. Janneke, Amsterdam
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    Wow Guy, the Manaslu circuit trek looks amazing! Great to see the pics and read the information. I hope you had a great time again in Nepal! Be’at slacha be architectura! Janneke

  2. Johan, Sweden
    | Reply

    Best collection I seen when it comes to pictures for this trek which I will start on next week. Best wishes, Johan

  3. Richard, York
    | Reply

    The Manaslu Circuit is so beautiful and your pictures really do it justice. I wish I could take pictures like that. Nepal is an absolute paradise and everybody should visit at some point in their lives.

  4. Biratnagar
    | Reply

    You have such wonderful photos gallery,i am inspired with you.
    Thanks alot
    your regards !!

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