Snow in Jerusalem – January 9th-10th, 2013

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A once in a decade stormy weather system brought significant amount of precipitation to Israel. Low temperatures joined the celebration, and snow fell on the mountains.
Snow in Jerusalem is always an exciting event, especially for Israelis who are tired from the news and wait for the chance to talk about the weather…

Let’s enjoy the sites of the snow in Jerusalem…

Jerusalem Snow Panorama – Surrounding the Old City Walls from West to East

Snow in Baka and the German Colony


Some excerpts from the clips…


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  1. Chaya - Bat Yam
    | Reply

    Thanks, Guy, for bringing this to those of us who weren’t able to get to Jerusalem and see it for ourselves!

  2. Phyllis Ra'anana
    | Reply

    Yay!!! Seen lots of snow pictures but I was waiting for Guy Shachar to send his pix. As usual, brilliant. Please change my email address to the one above and delete
    Thanks – you never disappoint!

  3. R. ELHADAD France
    | Reply

    beautiful pictures
    it snows here (france) as well but nothing to be compared with the beautiful Yeroushalaim !!
    Thank you for sharing with us
    Robert Elhadad

  4. Dimf from Holland
    | Reply


    Thanks a lot for sharing this splendid pictures from your countrie Israël in the snow.
    Now we have snow too in Holland.
    We pray for you and wish you peace.

  5. jerry mazal, USA
    | Reply

    I so enjoyed the pictures of the rare snow in Jerusalem! Thank you for the joy of visiting the beautiful city through your eyes. Please change my email address to the one above so I won’t miss anything!

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