Climbing Breithorn via Südwandsteig – Steinernes Meer – Riemannhaus Austria

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It was a beautiful sunny end-of-June day, when Ernst Loeschner took us to hike up Breithorn (2,504m) through the Südwandsteig. A nice rocky sort of climbing, with spectacular views from the top.

The ridge dominated by Breithorn (“The wide peak”) dominates the skyline above the town of Saalfelden in Austria, and the steep cliffs as seen from below makes one wonder – is there really a climbable path up there..?

But then we start  ascending, from a parking space at about 1,100m.

A single part with a metal rope

and last sights of vegetation before we head further up

The climb is steep, but no special equipment is needed, as the limestone here provides numerous opportunities to hold and step.

Getting to some ‘local peaks’ is a chance to relax and refresh

But the climb goes on, with dramatic slopes and angles

Erosion here is pretty intense, and in some places, we get a nice ‘room with a view’

This is gonna be narrow!

The only way is up

Many places for a grip

Almost there…

Finally! At the top, writing on the visitors book

And a glider that came to say hello

Arriving from the south adds a true surprise to the summit – the view to the north, to the “Sea of Rocks” – Steinernes Meer – An amazing Karst area, where eroded limestone mini hills are decorated with beautiful snow patches.

To the north, the impressive Watzmann can be seen – in the Bavarian Alps of Germany.

And a view to the west

We start descending towards Riemannhaus. The northern slopes of the ridge are not as steep as the southern ones, so it is a nice hike after the demanding way up.

And look at Riemannhaus down there

an amazing location…

some Encians

and some other eyes

The area around Riemannhaus is a perfect place to practice mountain climbing

The descend from Riemannhaus is on a very well maintained path, that reaches back Maria Alm or Saalfelden.


and a final view up…


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