A multipurpose sustainable water feature that spices up a street corner

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Water features in urban environments are a bless. Not only do they provide a climatic relief in hot sunny areas, but they also have positive effects on our soul. Sometimes a water feature is a hypnotizing piece of art, such as Rome’s Trevi Fountain. Other city dwellers may also want to enjoy water features, especially for drinking: dogs, birds, trees and shrubs. Why not combining all functions to one element? In addition, there’s another challenge to solve. Municipalities often do not like water features, as they require lots of maintenance for sanitation and water clarity. This require circulation pumps, filtration units, routine cleaning and use of disinfectants.

So here’s a suggested solution that combines several functions in one element, which does not require lots of maintenance.

Let’s see how it works:

  • The element is located near a tree pit or any gardening strip that needs regular irrigation.
  • The main thing here is the statue – it can be just enjoyable for sight, as well as a refreshing play element for children.
  • The fountain gets water without circulation equipment or use of disinfectants. Water sources can be:
    • Fresh water from the municipal water system.
    • Water from air conditioning systems in surrounding buildings. This requires a more complex infrastructure of pipes and storage tank, but is more sustainable.
  • The fountain splashes water only several minutes per day to save water. It can be activated by various means, such as:
    • Timer for splashing water in fixed or random timings
    • Button pressing
    • Proximity sensor
  • Water first accumulate in a circular trough surrounding the statue, where birds and dogs can drink.
  • A water duct connects the circular trough to the gardening strip or tree pit, to gradually fill as well.
  • Using a configurable control unit, the fountain can be set such that the daily total amount of water splashed will match the need of watering and enable the trough and pit to dry.

Here’s the cross section with water

Here’s a top view

and above the tree…

Such element is suitable for a street rather than a big square, thus contributing to a positive, relaxing atmosphere, creating a surprise, and providing water to living creatures in the city.

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