Living Root Bridges and Structures of North-East India Explained

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Villagers in North-East India developed an innovative technique to construct bridges and other useful structures out of living aerial roots of rubber (Ficus Elastica) trees. For dozens of years, they train and manipulate the growth of aerial roots, such that with time, they thicken and stiffen and become structural members. Most bridges and structures can be found in Meghalaya state, and lately root bridges were discovered in Nagaland state as well. In this short documentary, bridges and structures are introduced, followed by a brief explanation how they are made. Then main part of the film is a tour to 13 bridges, with commentary analyzing their structural principles.

Bridges and structures showcased in the film


Nongriat South

Nongriat Double Decker

Nongriat East


Mawlynnong vicinity I

Mawlynnong vicinity II

Kudeng Rim I

Kudeng Rim II

Kongthong I

Kongthong II

Nyahnyu (Nagaland) I

Nyahnyu (Nagaland) II

Root Ladders

Sitting Platform

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