ANZAC cavalry is back to charge at Beersheba after 100 years…

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100 years ago, ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) light regiment cavalry took part in one of the most crucial battles in Palestine: defeating the Turks in Beersheba. The battle was part of the Sinai-Palestine Campaign of World War I, fought between the British Empire and the Ottoman Empire. It started as a horse journey from Wadi Besor area in the North-Western Negev desert towards Beersheba, and the forces, on their Australian horses, made a significant loop circling Beersheba from the south and charging from the east, to surprise the Turks. The battle was fought on October 31st, 1917. A hundred years later, a hundred men and women, history enthusiasts and descendants of Australian Mounted Division and ANZAC soldiers, came to the Negev to reenact the journey and approach to Beersheba. The three days journey started in Wadi Besor area, and continued along the historical route. The Beersheba battle is regarded world’s last significant cavalry charge and ANZAC’s first taste of victory. Here are some photos from the horse journey, taken at the foots of “Tel Sheruhan”

Read and watch more about the reenact in The Sydney Morning Herald and SBS TV Australia

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