Kyrgyzstan / People and Life in the market

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Markets (Bazaars) are significant in everyday life not only in Kyrgyzstan but all across Central Asia. Even in (or because of) online shopping era, going to the market is the best and most enjoyable way to buy and sell. The unmediated interaction with colors, smells and smiles of people, is inevitable for us as social creatures.

Central Asia is famous for animal markets or “Mal Bazaars”. One of the best of them takes place in Karakol every weekend, when hundreds of villagers arrive to trade horses, cows and sheep.

Children join the family effort.

Another interesting market is the “Mashina Bazar”, where people trade motor vehicles – from perfectly kept Lada cars from the ’80s, through popular robust Audi 100s to vans and trucks.

The town of Uzgen is located near Uzbekistan. In its market, not only colorful merchandize from the area can be found, but also extremely vivid people.

In Karakol, the welcoming market area is a good place to eat

especially in this restaurant which serves not only good food, but also free smiles

And other market sights…


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