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Traveling in Kyrgyzstan in the summer means summer vacation also for children. They roam everywhere, playing on the streets, helping their parents with house or farm duties, or joining them for a vacation time.

This group of cool fellows was a refreshing sight in one of the popular picnic areas in the mountains south of Issyk-Kul.

Nearby, a local family has just finished setting up their yurt for a summer pasture stay

These girls were visiting the red sand stone formations of Jeti Oguz

Train lines are not common in mountainous Kyrgyzstan, and the line from Bishkek to Balykchy is popular in the summer by families traveling to Issyk-Kul.

Fun in a children corner in an Issyk-Kul beach yurt camp

After spending some time on the lake shore, everybody look quite refreshed

While others help their parents in the market selling nuts

Other children have lots of time to play

or spend some time in the amusement park

Bicycles are common among children in small towns and villages

But other means of transportation are available as well…

These wonderful guys showed my around Naryn, and for a desert gave me delicious biscuits and fruits.


A homestay is always the best way to support locals while enjoying their hospitality. Especially with such charming kids.

Never give them sweets!

An afternoon in Karakol

The boy from Gagarin Street

Children of Osh

Osh feels like a very big village, at least once you walk away from the bustling center. Lovely streets with lots of greenery create a pleasant inviting outdoors feel, especially in hot summer days.


Back to school in September, with white pompons being a “trade mark” of girls’ school uniform all across Central Asia

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