A known architect once said that “Architecture is for people who love the world and have something to say about it”. I have been fascinated with architecture since I was a child, but it took a long journey in the world and in the university till I eventually studied for B.Arch degree and became a registered architect. I feel thankful for that – Developing a sense of exploration and environmental perception through extensive travel and geography studies is essential to planning. I also found that my interdisciplinary background which also includes engineering and a long career in information technology industry is highly beneficial when dealing with complex strategic projects such as urban design, master plans and policy papers. Many years of being actively involved in environmental struggles, suggesting alternative plans, and getting familiar with planning authorities and processes was an important chapter.

The architecture “tool box” is now widening my perspective about the world and the ability to react and influence. In the studies final project I decided to plan overseas – in Warsaw Poland, in an area with challenging historical contexts. The project included design of a multipurpose infill complex, a subway station and a transportation solution inspired by pre-WWII layers. Project garnered the interest of city officials, planners and media. Currently I am mainly involved in strategic projects related to urban public space, where various scales and disciplines need attention and synergy.