During a long trip to China I carried a handy Point and Shoot camera. In one of the colorful touristic festivals I encountered numerous photographers carrying Apollo-spaceship-sized cameras. Although I managed to produce some decent photos with my small camera obscura, I expressed my frustration to one of my trip-mates, who replied: “They are not photographers, they are people with cameras!”.

If I have to choose between being “A photographer who explores” and “An explorer who photographs” I definitely choose the latter. I use photography as a means to enhance my curiosity, as a tool to extend exploration capabilities. Small sized cameras allow me to approach people easily in order to communicate. I rarely use zoom lens – the look and feel of the photos I take resemble what the human eye sees, in order to provide an experience as similar as possible to the real experience.

I see myself as a “Geographical Photographer”. Getting inspiration from nature, outdoors, rural as well as urban areas, and activities of any living creature, delivering them to others via images and videos and presenting geographical-environmental issues through photography.

With current low attention span it is becoming more and more challenging to create attractive visual content and video has become the name of the game. I have been dealing with video on and off for many years, but only lately professionally. I focus on composing short clips that tell stories of projects, ideas, persons or places, for various customers as well as pro bono.