“China Travel Journal” is a comprehensive book, conceived during a long journey to China, and written following the trip.

Travel literature is uncommon in Hebrew, maybe because “The Wandering Jew” likes to collect his own travel experiences rather than reading someone else’s. Still, after extensive travel in East Asia, Europe and Israel, and studying for M.A. in geography and environmental studies, my journey to China was uncommon. Producing a Hebrew printed travelogue that would still be attractive and useful to the Israeli audience was a challenging task, but the result turned out to be magnificent.

The book unfolds China in a unique writing style, accompanied by photos and graphic elements that turn the book into a real Chinese experience. The book also deals with the “art of travel”, not necessarily known to those making their first steps in the traveling-backpacking scene.

The book was published in 2008, and is distributed in major bookstores around Israel.
ISBN 965-912-320-5

Accompanying website

The book is accompanied by a comprehensive website which contains background and information about China, travel in China, and about the book.

It also holds a large photo gallery from the journey, which can be sorted and accessed according to the book pages and chapters, so reader can go to the website and view vivid photos of the scenes described in the book.