The geographical talks are all based on my world travel experiences in over 45 countries across 6 continents, as well as my academic and professional background in architecture and planning, geography and engineering. The talks are accompanied by original photos from my portfolio. Talk subjects are regional as well as thematic. Any talk is tailored to audience age group and subjects of interest.

Regional subjects include:

  • “India and Nepal” – Inspired by the “India and Nepal Guidebook” that I wrote, this talks is a journey to landscapes, history, mountains and plains, religions and beliefs, and the nature of traveling in unique places of India and Nepal involving karma and decisions.
  • “One World One Dream” – The slogan of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, has a dual meaning. China is already “Number One” in the world in many aspects. Inspired by the “China Travel Journal” book I wrote, it is an audio-visual journey via known as well as remote and unique corners of China. Its physical, natural and cultural characteristics are unfolded through the photos and stories.
  • “Israel through the eye of an Israeli Guy” – Israel during unusual events and from original points of view: Flash floods in the desert, rare snow storms, religious festivals, unique sites, from the green Galilee through four seas and three main cities – Jerusalem Haifa and Tel Aviv, to the majestic Judean and Negev deserts.
  • Insights into Caucasus countries: Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia.
  • Introduction to Albania.
  • Berlin – alternative journey.

Thematic subjects include:

  • Rural life – a journey to remote and unique villages, and important thoughts about current rural life
  • Urban life – cities, metropolitan areas, sights and challenges in this hectic urbanization era
  • Water – seas, lakes, rivers, ice and snow – from Iceland ice formations to Australia beaches, from Florida Keys to the Sea of Galilee
  • Mountains – From the Himalayas to the European Alps, from the Andes to Simien Mountains of Ethiopia, with some hiking and trekking ideas
  • Religious sites and   

Other Subjects can be tailored according to audience characteristics and specific preferences – Environment ; Hiking and Trekking in Israel, Europe or Eat Asia ; Environmental Photography ; Religious sites – architectural aspect ; Urban as well as rural environments ; presentations for children