I find myself taking more and more video shots during my travels, with the video storytelling in mind. “Flash Floods in Wadi Peres” is one of my favorite productions. One that could not be planned – I was hiking in Wadi Peres in the Negev desert after a flash flood, when another flash flood wave came following a frightening thunderstorm. The footage taken in the field turned into a story of a Wadi – a dry river that comes alive. As a homage to Shimon Peres who was at that time the President of Israel, Wadi Peres became a “Presidential Stream”.

“Becoming a Buddhist Monk” is an intimate view to boys just starting their Buddhist life in Myanmar.

“Ein Gedi Beach – Save the Dead Sea” tells the sad story of the beach that surrendered to sink holes

“Venice Morning Concert” is an interplay of two side by side videos presenting the people who clean and supply the city

“A day in the life of Jökulsárlón” is a 24 hours journey to the high and low tides of a glacial lake