Wenchi Crater Lake, Ethiopia – Photographed Journey

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While trekking in the Dodola Mountain range of Ethiopia, enjoying the wonderful accommodation services provided there through a local eco tourism project, we met European environmentalists that told us about a similar project being founded in Wenchi Crater Lake area. Wenchi Crater Lake? Yes, a lake inside a dormant volcano!

Wenchi Crater Lake became a desirable destination in the journey throughout Ethiopia, and we used our flight day home to take a day trip there. Not a simple task, as it takes 4 hours to reach there from Addis Abeba by a hired car.

The lake is located on a mountain range not far from the town of Ambo, at an altitude of about 3000 meters above sea level. The car drove us to the rim of the volcano, where we first got a glimpse of the lake, that turned out to be dotted with villages…

We then started a trek down to the lake surface, visiting village houses, and climbing the rim on the other side of the volcano, and picked up by the car.

A superb conclusion to the trip…

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  1. jejaw Haramaya Unive
    | Reply

    I am realy happy becuse we Ethiopian are reach with natural resours. AND TANK YOU for yuor welingness

  2. Berhanu U, Dire
    | Reply

    I know Wenhi lake very well. It is really land paradise
    thank u!!!

  3. Atlanta GA USA
    | Reply

    I am planing to go to Ethiopia,this photo make my travel plan easy,I will defiantly go to this place,my eos 50 d canon camera will be happy to accompany me,for my Eco photo shoot,God bless Ethiopia .

  4. yardena
    | Reply

    Well done photography…just pointing this out (based on your name I’m assuming you’re jewish), but this place here happens to be where I believe sometime in the 15th-17th century Ethiopian-Jews were massacred by the Ethiopians. So for some people it’s also a historical landmark.

  5. dejene tekle ,AMBO
    | Reply

    wonchi crater lake is one of the best tourist attraction in ethiopia .so that in the wonchi town there is no qualification of road,transportation service,hotels and restaurant and so many problems are their. the place is very beauty full and blessing by GOD…………..

  6. Paulo Rattes -Brasil
    | Reply

    Uma realidade marcante.

  7. bizu -san francisco
    | Reply


    I still remember how great the tea tested there. OMG…the best tea I ever had.

    Your pictures are great!

  8. yosef kebede gonder
    | Reply

    wonchi is one of the wonderful place in the world but there is no infrastructure around the lake.

  9. K Korner Canada
    | Reply

    We took horseback ride down into Wenchi Crater two years ago while on tour during a medical mission. This place was just magic.. beautiful scenes and people at every turn! So cool to see your pictures and take a reminder walk through the Crater! Thank you!

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