Haifa Trail was launched by the first tourist and runner

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Haifa Trail, a grass root initiative, was inaugurated today, as Thomas Fietz, a Trail Runner from Germany, completed the 70 Kilometers of the trail in 15 hours, divided to two days.

Thomas was the first to complete the whole trail, the first tourist on the trail, and the first to run it.

Congratulations Thomas!

More information about the trail in Haifa Trail Website and in Haifa Trail Facebook Page.

Watch the picture gallery of the run


Watch a local news item (Hebrew)

Item by Orit Karzbom, Photographer Pavel Kogan, Editor Fares Wahaba

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    כל הכבוד למפעל השביל!
    חבל שהתמונות מסודרות באי-סדר… היה כדאי לסדרן לפי המסלול.

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