People of Iceland – Part B – Reykjavík, Menningarnótt

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In Part A I shared with you my impressions from encounters with people of Iceland throughout the country. In this part we shall visit the capital Reykjavík, in which two thirds of the country’s population live.

Hildur Bjarnadóttir was cooking something in large pots on the sidewalk and caught my attention, as I was a bit hungry at that time. It turned out she was making paint from local vegetation, and the magnificent color wheel she produced from plants is part of her academic research.

Art scene in Iceland is a serious matter, and the best time to experience it is during “Menningarnótt” – Reykjavík “Culture Night” which actually takes place the whole day. During this event, streets of the capital are crowded with local people enjoying hundreds of events. It is a good opportunity to meet Icelanders, as in other summer days the main streets are mainly packed with Gore-Tex covered tourists.

The day begins with Reykjavík Marathon, which attracts people from all ages as well as a significant number of foreigners.

People run across the gentle streets of the capital, here seen under a large bill board advertising 66 degrees north – a local outdoor wear brand.

Curious spectators are seen along the route

And many gather near the finish line to cheer.

No matter what distance you run, participation is something to be proud of

After spending some energy, a popular place to eat is the famous hotdog stand near the port

Or one of the Pizzerias if you are in the right age

For groceries, “Bonus” is the attractive option, with food prices almost similar to those in mainland Europe.

In the local photography museum, a corner is dedicated for wearing traditional costumes

Art installations can be seen everywhere on the streets

A group of friends found a moment to pose during one of the numerous garage sales

Others conduct the sale inside their lovely homes

Or invite visitors for a delicious waffle

Constant rain is far from being a party pooper

And although Icelandic rain is usually horizontal, umbrellas can occasionally be useful

In such cases the best place to enjoy a good show whether in the halls or the lobby, is Harpa Concert Hall, where magnificent architecture is a home for wonderful people and great concerts.

A few days passed and  September arrived. Art in Iceland is not limited to a single culture night. I came across this cute couple who was busy dancing on the sidewalk.
-“When do you start school?”
-“It already started!”
-“So what are you doing here?”
-“We are on our way to school!”


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