Israel’s most visited abandoned site is probably more attractive than it was supposed to be if completed

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It has been abandoned for years – a notable structure somewhere between Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem on a beautiful mountainous area. It was supposed to be a hotel, but something went wrong with bureaucracy just before it was completed. Construction halted and the building was left abandoned. In recent years it became a heaven for curious street artists. Then news started to spread among friends. Eventually it became a venue for hanging out, having a picnic, and taking cool wedding photos. IDF soldiers often use it as a training and resting spot. Lately it was even mentioned by official media, and the place became a touristic spot. Still, as all abandoned places, it bares a unique charm and evolving nature. With people coming and going, bringing life into its spaces, it is probably more attractive than a regular luxurious hotel with a view.


Photos were taken on September 10th, 2016


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